LLMs have many limitations!

Cogniology is the solution

Application example

Telephone Assistant

COGNIOLOGY understands 99% of the time.
Suggests an appointment or fulfills a desired appointment.
Enters in appointment book. Sends confirmation.
COGNIOLOGY acts. That’s what makes it special.
Without mathematics, data or algorithms.
Without question-and-answer training.
Telephone Assistant was developed in less than 3 working days.
Special is: Conversation PLUS Action.
COGNIOLOGY saves time and development costs.

Application example


Einsteino encapsulates language problems into objects, which can be understood by machines exactly. Based on impressions and event-oriented. Reads interface descriptions and creates objects that are automatically applied in conversations. Einsteino allows developers to focus on developing applications without worrying about the details of language processing. More development time can be spent servicing interfaces.
Einsteino saves time and development costs.

Application example

Digital Dental Assistant

So far, the diagnosis has been dictated to the human assistant tooth by tooth. COGNIOLOGY relieves the human assistant from typing. COGNIOLOGY understands 99%. COGNIOLOGY only documents technical terms. The essentials. No small talk. Everything offline. Perfect for privacy. COGNIOLOGY fits into a smartphone. Portable. Without mathematics, data or algorithms.
COGNIOLOGY saves time and development costs.

Fünf Sterne Kieferorthopädie Dr. Ortwin Babendererde:
Aufgrund von Fachkräftemangel erlebten wir Mitte 2022 eine spürbare Belastung. Um Abhilfe zu schaffen, setzte ich den digitalen Telefonassistenten Claudia von Einsteino ein. Claudia übernimmt rund um die Uhr die Terminverwaltung und entlastet so unser Team. Ich bin äußerst zufrieden mit Claudia und kann ihre Nutzung jedem Kollegen empfehlen, auch wenn Fachkräftemangel kein aktuelles Problem ist.

Psychotherapeutische Praxis Anja Lippoth:
In meiner Praxis ist Flexibilität bei Terminvereinbarungen entscheidend. Die digitale Assistentin von Einsteino ist mit zwei Telefonnummern eine optimale Lösung. Neue Patienten erreichen mich über meine Festnetznummer, während Stammpatienten eine spezielle Einsteino-Telefonnummer für den flexiblen Umgang mit ihren Terminen nutzen. Diese Lösung entlastet meinen Arbeitsalltag erheblich, und meine Patienten sind äußerst zufrieden damit.


All computer programs in the world are programmed by humans, including artificial intelligence. The Google search engine, Microsoft Office, all apps for iPhone or Android devices, even machine learning are products of human intelligence. Imagine that a computer program, without the help of human programming, would create new computer programs from the knowledge contained in textbooks. By doing this, it would be possible to convert all human knowledge into programs that are just as intelligent as the people reading those books. We have called this type of artificial intelligence “Cogniology”, meaning the science of cognitive understanding, learning and thinking through computers. Cogniology is an abstract concept. Therefore, the patent application was limited to the essentials and filed under the title “Natural Language Programming” and “self-programming systems” in most developed countries of the world: